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Student's Facilities

Science Lab

Science Labs

The School lab is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.


Airy and Spacious Class Rooms

The School has airy, spacious class rooms with interactive white boards and charts. Every classroom has a pleasant look which boosts student’s learning capability. The location of the classrooms is airy and naturally lighted in the failure of electricity.


Play Ground and Sports Equipments facilities

The School has its own big playground with all sports equipments. The ground is well-maintained as the physical education can only be taught in a conserved playground.



The school has a library which is located at such a place where students do not get disturbed by noise. The library has many reference books, fiction and non-fiction books, maps, charts, clippings, periodicals etc. placed in a proper shelf.

Computer Lab

Information Technology

The school keeps itself updated with latest multimedia technology. It provides Information-Communication tools for a better learning atmosphere. It has projector based classroom.

Smart Class Room

Edu-com Smart Class

The school provides Computer classrooms for students to boost their learning capability and to keep students updated with new technology. The school has smart classrooms with projector facility.



The school has its own big auditorium for art and cultural festivals. It is fully equipped with sound and visual technology. It is well maintained with podium and other required facilities.

Talk Programme

School Talk Programme

The school organises ST programmes to interact with the parents. During the Talk programmes school invites valuable suggestion from parents for the development of the school and also inform them about their children’s progress report.